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Brian Moore, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO

Brian Moore

What's up world!!!

My name is Brian Moore. Co-Founder of West Side Tattoo with my less handsome, but talented brother Aaron Moore.  We had a dream, and now are living it. Together as brothers, partners and best friends, we have established a landmark in our community.  We set our standards high for creativity, quality, cleanliness as well as customer service. I will  personally  ensure you will have  an experience you will never forget.  Instagram @westsidetattoo719


Keith Goble

Keith Goble 

Hi there! My name is Keith. I grew up in beautiful Colorado and have been tattooing since 2018. I’m a versatile tattoo artist and strive to bring creativity and precision to your vision! Check out my Instagram @keithgobleart 

Juan Canon, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO

Juan Canon


Greetings and Salutaions. I'm Juan. I've been making tattoos at West Side for the better half of my 12 years as a scab merchant. I enjoy long walks on the beach, hunting unicorns, and looking like chewbaccas illegitimate cousin.  I will tattoo almost anything you put in front of me if you'll let me be your huckleberry. I've learned how to walk and write twice, which was super fun. So come down to get some bold and colorful scabs. @obijuantattoos on the instagrams

Drake Gann, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO

Drake Gann

Drake "Drastik" Gann is a local,  (tattoo, mural artist to Colorado Springs). He started his tattoo career in San Diego, CA in 2006. A  20 year history of doing graffiti has heavily influenced his creative process and style. Since returning to Colorado Springs in 2008 he has expanded his abilities and mediums, to include, oil paint and acrylic fine art. Instagram @drakedrastik47

Clients to include:


USA Volleyball

Ricks Garden Center

The Mansion

Thirsty Parrot

Westside Tattoo

The V Bar

High Country Healing

Holy Cow


Alivia, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO
Liv Olsen

Hi! My name is Liv. I’m a flash artist from Florida that enjoys a wide variety of styles including traditional, floral, illustrative, anime, and more. Every tattoo that I get to be a part of is special to me and I love constantly coming up with new ideas. I primarily take walk-ins, so follow me on Instagram to see new flash and daily availability!  @liv.inkk_

Melek Tastekin, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO
🇹🇷 Melek Tastekin 🇺🇸

What's up guys! My name is Melek. I am a color realism artist from Turkey. I am now living in Colorado. Follow me on Instagram @melektastekin_tattooer​ for upcoming convention and travel dates.


Cheyenne  Tattoo Equipment

World Famous Ink

Holder Ink

Jaime Faith, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO
Jaime Faith

Hi! My name is Jaime and I specialize in art! I work in multiple different styles, from black and gray as well as color. I do bold lines, dot work and delicate lines. Ido asian styles, tribal, anime, geometric, and floral! I just have a passion for all mediums and styles of art.

A few fun facts about me:

I am a Sullen Angel

I have 3 kids.

I have a passion for yoga, meditation, and traveling. I have tattooed at multiple tattoo conventions and I look forward entering some cool tattoo into competitions. When I'm not working, you can find me doing more art for fun at home. Follow me on IG @artbyjaimefaith

Alex Tattoos, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO
🇷🇺 Alex 🇺🇸

My name is Alex,

I specialize in black and grey realism. 

Send me your ideas, so we can party.

Follow me on 


Clayton Girst, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO
Clayton Girst

Hey, I'm Clayton. 

I like tattoos! I'm a traditional tattooer, but definitely not limited to any style. No project is to big or to small.

Get in touch. We will get it dialed in.

IG @weakling666

Johan Nieto, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO
🇨🇴 Johan Nieto 🇺🇸

"Hello, my name is Johan Nieto, and I am a proud tattoo artist from the vibrant city of Bogotá, Colombia. I have been in this beautiful profession for 8 years, specializing in the fascinating world of realism and shadows My passion for the art of tattooing has led me to perfect my technique and to strive more and more to capture the most minute details in my creations.

Each tattoo I make has a part of me printed on it, and I seek to transmit this through each line and shadow. Each piece is a unique and custom work of art, created with the highest attention to detail. My satisfaction lies in the happiness of my clients when they see the final result.

 Every day, I strive to be a better version of myself and offer my clients the best of me. 

Thank you for accompanying me on this journey and for appreciating my work. I hope to continue surprising you with my future creations!" 

Please follow me on IG @johan_nieto_arttattoo

Yoel Lopez, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO
Yoel Lopez

Hey Colorado Springs,

I am here! I love all styles of tattoos. My specialties are tattoos. If you would like a small., delicate fine line tattoo, or a hyperrealistic portrait. All styles are welcome. I like to have availability for walk ins as well. Bring me your ideas. Let's get creative and make some memories.

Follow me on Instagram 


Christian Puig, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO
Christian Puig

Hi I'm Christian Puig,

Hello! My name is Christian. I specialize in black and grey tattoos and love doing dot work, mandalas, floral, ornamental and illustrative. I've created art since I was a child which eventually led me to CU Boulder, where I graduated with an art degree and a minor in French. I have since worked for a local artist aiding in the creation of large-scale abstract paintings and other contemporary works.  I have also painted murals and have a love for photography. Although I work with several mediums, diving into the world of tattoos has been a game changer.


In my free time I enjoy hiking with my dog Onyx, climbing, boarding, and anything with adventure!


Check out my work!

IG @christianfaith_tattoos 

Vicky Ellis, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO
🇧🇷 Vicky Ellis 🇺🇸

Hello, I'm Vicky. I was born in a tropical forest in Brazil, under a mango tree. Since I was a child my favorite thing was drawing on caves' walls  using acai ink hoping that some day in a distant future someone would find them and think it was made by ETs. In 2017 I began my professional career  and the rest is history. I specialize in fine line work, but I also do a lot of dot work, black work, and colors.

My Instagram is @vicky.tattoos

Nesty, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO
🇨🇺 Ernesto "Nesty" Jardines 🇺🇸

Hey Colorado!

My name is Nesty. I love doing realism tattoos. Mixing styles of realism with pop culture. But truly I just love tattooing. Bring me your ideas, small or large. Every project is welcome.

Follow me on Instagram 


Terioshi Otto, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO
🇧🇷 Terioshi Otto 🇺🇸

Hello guys!

My name is Terioshi Otto. I do PATCH Tattoos that your grandma would definitely love! I'm Brazilian and Italian of Japanese decent. I learned to Tattoo while living in Japan and have tattooed in several countries since. I currently do Patch and Watercolor Tattoos. 

I have a daughter who is my life inspiration.  

IG @terioshi

Jean Paul Marrat, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO
🇷🇺 Jean Paul Marrat 🇺🇸


My name is Jean Paul Maratt. I specialize in NEOTRADITIONAL and  NEOJAPANESE Tattoos.

I have traveled around the world making tattoos in many different countries. I am happy to settle here in beautiful Colorado Springs.


Tattoo Pharma ProTeam

Stigma ProArtist

Radiant Colors Crew


Please visit my online store to purchase prints.

Follow me on IG @jeanpaulmarrat

Armando Munoz
🇲🇽 Armandean 🇺🇸

Armando Munoz, known as Armandean, was born on October 7, 1986, in Mexico. Growing up in Cuautitlán Izcalli, Estado de Mexico, he developed a passion for drawing, often getting in trouble at school for sketching during classes. His inspiration came from his father, an artist who painted murals in their home. At 21, Armandean's journey into tattooing began when a friend asked him to fix a poorly done tattoo. Despite having no experience, he used his drawing skills to create his first tattoo, sparking his interest in the craft. He started working at Tianguis de Lagunilla and later joined prominent studios in Mexico City, including Gallonegro, Soulflower Custom Tattoo, and Tatudemia. In 2018, he founded his own studio, "Viernes 13 Tattoo Collective," bringing together some of Mexico's top tattoo artists. With over 10 years in the industry, Armandean has attended renowned conventions worldwide and worked as a guest artist in many countries. His unique style combines realism and contemporary art, characterized by dark and vibrant colors influenced by New York City. Currently, Armandean is a member of the pro team at World Famous Ink.

Amanda Bowens, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO
Amanda Bowen 

Hi guys!

My name is Amanda. I love doing black and grey realism,  fine line and color tattoos. Large or small, every piece is important to me.  Send me your ideas, so we can create a life time memory together.


Follow me on Instagram

🇨🇴 Santiago 🇺🇸
Pre- Booking

Hi, my name is Santiago,

I have nine years of experience in the vibrant world of tattooing in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, he has left a distinctive mark in the industry. Specializing in shadows and with a touch of color, he has taken the art of tattooing to new heights, fusing technique and creativity to capture his clients' stories and visions on the skin. With a unique style and unmatched passion for his craft, he continues to leave a lasting impression in every work he creates.

Follow me on IG @santiagoiriarte

Guest Artists, West Side Tattoo, Colorado Springs, CO
Guest Artists

Special Guest artists from all over the world. This a very rare opportunity to get tattooed by someone from the other side of the planet.

Click to view up and coming artists and availability.

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