Aaron Moore


Hello,  my name is Aaron Moore, Co-Owner and artist at Westside Tattoo. Ever since I was a young child I wanted to be a tattoo artist. In 1999, after a bad car accident I had a chance to make my dream happen. Now Internationally published with numerous awards under my belt, I strive to become better each day. I consider myself a very diverse and like to push myself.  I'm inspired not just to become a better artist, and tattoo artist, but a better man,  and father. Instagram  @aaronwestsidetattoo

Adam Anderson

My name is Adam Anderson. I've been stickin' ink in people's skin for a little while now. I'm originally from Los Angeles, CA.  and have been transplanted here in beautiful Colorado Springs. West Side has been my home for the past two years now, and I'm planning on sticking around until they drag me out of here. I like making Black and Gray, and realism tattoos. Instagram @adamanderson33

Juan Canon


Greetings and Salutaions. I'm Juan.I've been making tattoos at West Side for the better half of my 5 years as a scab merchant. I enjoy long walks on the beach, hunting unicorns, and looking like chewbaccas illegitimate cousin. Screw Duck Dynasty, you'll know why when you see me. I will tattoo almost anything you put in front of me if you'll let me be your huckleberry. I've learned how to walk and write twice, which was super fun. So come down to get some bold and colorful scabs. @obijuantattoos on the instagrams

Drake Gann

Drake "Drastik" Gann is a local,  (tattoo, mural artist to Colorado Springs). He started his tattoo career in San Diego, CA in 2006. A  20 year history of doing graffiti has heavily influenced his creative process and style. Since returning to Colorado Springs in 2008 he has expanded his abilities and mediums, to include, oil paint and acrylic fine art. Instagram @drakedrastik47

Clients to include:


USA Volleyball

Ricks Garden Center

The Mansion

Thirsty Parrot

Westside Tattoo

The V Bar

High Country Healing

Holy Cow


Chris Evans

Well hello there, my name is Chris Evans. Born a long time ago to a snake and a tiger, raised on raw meat and small rodents. Learned to tattoo from a tribal shaman whose name you cannot pronounce.  I like the smell of sulphur. My arch rival is ketchup.  I hope to meet you one day. I'm sure it will be special. Instagram @chrisevanstattoo

Becca Jones


Born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO.  Standing at 5' (7/16) Damn proud to be piercing at West Side Tattoo. Firm believer that chicken wings can make any day better. Instagram @bbaccajones

Drake "D2" Trobee


My name is Drake Trobee.  If there is one thing I am great at, its dancing. Ask me to twerk, and you will not be disappointed. I am a traditional Artist, and have a true love for Coffee.

Instagram @d_trobes

Brian Moore

What's up world!!!

My name is Brian Moore. Co-Founder of West Side Tattoo with my less handsome, but talented brother Aaron Moore.  We had a dream, and now are living it. Together as brothers, partners and best friends, we have established a landmark in our community.  We set our standards high for creativity, quality, cleanliness as well as customer service. I will  personally  ensure you will have  an experience you will never forget.  Instagram @westsidetattoo719


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