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Johan Nieto

"Hello, my name is Johan Nieto, and I am a proud tattoo artist from the vibrant city of Bogotá, Colombia. I have been in this beautiful profession for 8 years, specializing in the fascinating world of realism and shadows My passion for the art of tattooing has led me to perfect my technique and to strive more and more to capture the most minute details in my creations.

Each tattoo I make has a part of me printed on it, and I seek to transmit this through each line and shadow. Each piece is a unique and custom work of art, created with the highest attention to detail. My satisfaction lies in the happiness of my clients when they see the final result.

 Every day, I strive to be a better version of myself and offer my clients the best of me. 

Thank you for accompanying me on this journey and for appreciating my work. I hope to continue surprising you with my future creations!" 

Please follow me on IG @johan_nieto_arttattoo


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