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West Side Tattoo

Colorado Springs Iconic Tattoo Studio

We are a custom studio, without an ego. We will put our heart into every piece, small or large.

We take pride in curating a team of exceptionally talented artists who are committed to transforming your ideas into awe-inspiring masterpieces etched onto your skin. With a fusion of creativity, technical expertise, and a deep appreciation for the art form, our diverse group of artists brings a range of styles.


Whether you seek intricate blackwork, vibrant color pieces, intricate linework, or realistic portraits, our studio is a haven for self-expression and extraordinary tattoo experiences. Step into our creative sanctuary, and let our skilled hands bring your imagination to life, leaving you with a permanent work of art that tells your story for a lifetime.

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Saturday 

10am - 7pm

Walk-ins Daily  


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West Side Tattoo Logo
Colorado Springs tattoo shop

Westside Tattoo

West Side Tattoo was founded on May 28, 2005, by brothers Aaron and Brian Moore. With our friends and family, this place has become an Icon, known for our customer service, quality, and leadership in the cleanliness of our studio. 

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